Our customers consistently reinforced to us that having a coldstore with ultra-low energy usage is one of the most important things for any premium product. The end user does not want to pay expensive energy bills, with some returns on investment as high as 788%! And that’s exactly why we bought our Ultra range on to the market…

Walk in coldstores and freezers are normally on 24/7, 365 days per year. The energy a coldroom uses should always be a big factor in your buying decision as this can cost you more money over the lifetime of the product than the initial outlay. Our new Ultra model offers great performance, great reliability, and the lowest possible running costs. Real world energy savings of 30%+.

The Ultra comes with:

  • 2 year parts and labour warranty
  • Low GWP refrigerant options
  • Low noise condensing unit
  • As little as a one year energy payback
  • Easy to maintain and clean

Our Ultra coldstore has a low energy specification which provides excellent savings by using the latest technology including:

  • Low energy ambient variable temperature unit – with 25+ model variants to provide accurately matched cooling requirements
  • Thermal door barriers – providing excellent temperature retention within the room, reducing the compressor run time and stabilising the food temperature – increasing food safety
  • 100mm insulation – high density UK manufacturer offering the ultimate in insulation
  • LED lighting as standard
  • Door closure assist devices
  • Energy efficient cam locked design
  • Low energy evaporators with EC fansets offer the optimum in energy efficient performance combined with low noise levels and high reliability
  • Low energy condensing units with variable condensing temperature